Season 2 – Episode 8: Lauren Light – Networking Is Key


This week I am talking with my friend Lauren Light who is a fellow singer-songwriter and sync artist. We are talking about booking for festivals, fairs and conventions and the importance of working with The Association of Festivals and Events to get in that market as well as touring in the college market and what you need to do to be successful in that area.

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In this episode we talk about: 

*Co-owning the sync licensing agency Two Oh Six Music.
*Booking for bands and artists.
*Booking for festivals, fairs and conventions.
*Buyers come to conventions once a year in different states to buy acts.
*The Association of Festivals and Events.
*When you’re booking, calling the venue is the most effective.
*Working multiple streams of income in music.
*Touring in the college market.
*The importance of showcasing to book shows in the college market.
*Have an agent already if you want to be successful in the college market.
*Conventions for booking house concerts.
*Artist age range to perform in the college market.
*Networking is key.
*Lauren’s podcast called

 Pop Singer-Songwriter, Lauren Light is a force to be Reckoned with.  The Berklee grad has played over 800 shows, in over 30 states across the US.  Playing a mix of Festivals, Colleges, music venues, and many more.  On stage, she artfully crafts the perfect blend of pop, rock, and powerfully soulful vocals.

After a trip to CA in 2018, she co-founded a successful Sync Licensing company based in Los Angeles specializing in custom music for placement in TV, Film, Trailers, and Advertisements. You can hear her music on a range of projects from a roller coaster in TN to the newest episode of Marvels hit show “Runaways”.   The company also likes to give back to the music community hosting bi-yearly workshops in LA to teach others how to get started in the Sync world and pair producers/writers and artists together.   

In her free time, you’ll see Lauren drinking insane amounts of coffee in NC, co-writing as much as possible and releasing content on her Music Business Podcast “The Enlightened Musician.”