Season 2 – Episode 10: Scott Dudley – Your Music Is A Commodity


This week I’m talking with Scott Dudley of the sync music house Push.Audio. We are discussing developing your sound and being yourself when creating music for sync. Plus, the importance of creating songs with a similar “vibe” as the reference track, but not “sound a likes” when it comes to sync music as well as being able to write and be creative under a deadline.

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In this episode we talk about:

*His sync music house Push.Audio.
*Connecting with music supervisors.
*Working with Hip Hop music for sync.
*Music being a commodity.
*Taking feedback with a grain of salt.
*Developing your sound.
*Being yourself.
*Creating songs with a similar “vibe” as the reference track, not a “sound a like.”
*Push.Audio is a creative house, one stop shop.
*Creating music for ads, tv and trailers.
*Having a 24-48 hour turnaround to turn sync music in.
*Be able to write and be creative under a deadline.
*This is a numbers game.
*No song is wasted.
*Exclusive vs. non-exclusive agencies.
*Push.Audio looking for outside artists to work with.
*Having metadata correct.
*Making sure your song is mastered.
*Have session files available.
*Keeping it professional.

Scott Dudley is the Creative Director @ is a full Post Audio Agency with offices in Los Angeles, California and Roanoke, Virginia. Notable clients include Apple, Nike, Universal Pictures, etc. Scott Dudley is also a writer/producer who adapts the artist-driven company mindset to all creative operations @