Season 2 – Episode 15: Glory Reinstein – The Song Has To Fit Like A Glove


This week I’m talking with Glory Reinstein who is the owner of the sync licensing agency Song and Film which I am honored to work with.  We are talking about the day to day aspects of running a sync licensing agency, what to know when starting your own sync agency and the importance of the music needing to enhance, not distract from the story.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Being the owner of Song and Film sync licensing Agency.

*You need great production.
*I look for great Americana music and great hip hop artists.
*Music Supervisors want songs to breathe, not too wordy.  
*Supes want stems as well as instrumental.
*I work non-exclusively.
*Licensing fee percentages.
*Different genres of Christmas music that are requested.
*The amount of briefs sent.
*The song has to fit like a glove in a scene. 
*The process of songs getting placed.

*Building trust with supervisors.
*Day to day aspects of running a sync licensing agency.
*Starting your own sync licensing agency.
*The e-book “Thinking in Sync” by Amanda Kreig Thomas on Amazon.
*Knowing what Music Supervisors really want.
*“How To Make It In The New Music Business” by Ari Herstand on Amazon.
*“Making Music Make Money” by Eric Beall
*“All You Need To Know About The Music Business” by Donald S. Passman on Amazon.
*Sync music needs to enhance, not distract from the story.


Glory Reinstein received her B.S. in Music Education at the University of Vermont and her M.S. at Central Connecticut State University. She taught music at the high school level in three different high schools over the course of 38 years. While teaching, she was a guest conductor for a few high school music festivals and served as President for one term for the Vermont Chapter of the American Choral Director’s Association as well as President for one term for the Vermont chapter of the Music Educators Association. Ms. Reinstein garnered four awards during her teaching career including Vermont Music Educator of the Year. 
As a result of her son pursuing a singer/songwriter career, Glory got interested and involved in not only helping him with promotion and publicity, but also other local artists. After taking online courses at Berklee College of Music (Boston), she started her own business, Malletts Bay Music, and ran it while still teaching. In 2015, when she retired from teaching, she began working with the founder of Song And Film and eventually took over the business. Since then she has signed many new artists and has licensed several songs on their behalf.