Season 3 – Episode 9: Alex Whiten – Have Transferable Skills

This week I’m talking with Alex Whiten of The Stable Collective in Franklin, TN. Alex is on the team that handles artist management and brand development for Steven Curtis Chapman, Mary Beth Chapman and Jillian Edwards. We are discussing how living where you want to work and making yourself known to people will help you when opportunities become available. Plus, how the look and feel of a project, website and social media should be intertwined and cohesive. And we talk about the importance of having skills that are transferable to a lot of different roles in the industry.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Be in the community and someone people think of when jobs become available.
*You need to live the town where you want to work.
*Works for the artist management company The Stable Collective.
*Artist Management is where you wear a lot of different hats.
*Marketing, social media, brand identity, project management.
*Being a manager is like bike wheel with the artist at the center.
*Branding is looking at the bigger picture of what you want the audience to feel.
*Everything should be intertwined and cohesive – the look, sound, feel of a project, website, tour, etc.
*Knowing how to cater to the audience of an artist with very different styles.
*Having a strong vision for how to reach different audiences.
*Everyday in management is very different.
*Be relational.
*Be someone people enjoy spending time with.
*Be diligent.
*Have skills that are transferable to a lot of different roles.
*Road manager is a great place to start.

A Phoenix native currently living in Nashville, TN, Alex is an artist manager with roots in photography, design, and social media marketing. He was inspired at a young age to serve and grow the careers of musicians and artists who are passionate about the art they feel called to create. After studying music business in 2012, he joined forces with Mark Mattingly and Steven Curtis Chapman to launch themanagement company The Stable Collective in February of 2017.

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