Season 5 – Episode 2: Mac Powell – Dissatisfied Contentment

This week I am talking with recording artist Mac Powell live from Lifest Music City just outside of Nashville, TN. Mac is best known as the front man for the Christian rock band Third Day who released 13 albums in 21 years and received 4 Grammy Awards and 25 Dove Awards. He has been building his solo career over the past few years and is not shy to talk about starting over as a solo artist after being in a successful band for many years. We are discussing being stuck in a contract you want out of, the difference in being on an indie label vs. major label and not being afraid to play in front of smaller audiences.

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In this episode we discuss:

*Being stuck in a contract you want out of.
*Major labels buying out an indie label contract.
*The difference in being on an indie label vs. major label.
*More doors open up when being on a major label.
*Starting over as a solo artist after being in a successful band.
*Don’t be afraid to play in front of small audiences.
*Enjoy where you are but have this dissatisfied contentment.

Mac Powell grew up in a small town in Alabama. His love for music began at an early age as both of his parents would sing and play guitar around the house. Mac soon began to sing in the local country church by day, and listen to his Dad’s record collection by night.
When Mac was a sophomore in high school, he moved to Atlanta, GA where his passion for music and faith found an outlet in the band THIRD DAY. Over the past 25 years THIRD DAY has helped transform Christian music and built a devoted fan base while traveling the world many times over, selling 10 million albums, earning 4 Grammy awards, 1 American Music Award, 24 Dove Awards, and by being inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
Since Third Day’s farewell tour in 2018 Mac released a country album “Back Again” under the banner “Mac Powell And The Family Reunion” and he has just released his debut solo Christian album “New Creation.” Mac is on staff at Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, GA where he lives with his wife Aimee and their five children.