Season 3 – Episode 2: Ross King – 3 Ways To Be Successful In The Music Business

This week I’m talking with my friend and co-writer Ross King. Ross is a hit songwriter with Centricity Music in Franklin, TN with cuts by Jordan Feliz, Newsboys, JJ Heller and more. In addition to writing songs for himself and other artists, Ross is a successful sync music writer with multiple placements on tv. We are discussing the value of building a loyal fan base, the pros and cons of having a publishing deal as a songwriter and three things that will help you be successful in music.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Be part of a musical organization that people are coming to hear to help learn your craft.
*Writing for artists from American Idol, etc.
*True fans who tell others about is more important than Spotify streams.
*Artist vs. Songwriter
*Establish a tribe of true fans.
*Understanding what publishing is.
*Understanding what a PRO is.
*The reasons for changing publishing companies.
*Payout from deep album cuts vs. sync cuts.
*What do you want from your career?
*Does a pub deal accomplish what you want?
*3 ways to be successful in the music business.
*Make relationships with the people in the middle.
*“Tools Not Rules” Songwriting curriculum on
*Creating awareness and authority
*Collaboration and critique are everything

Since 1995, Ross King has been a full-time songwriter, worship leader, performer and and producer. Many of the songs he’s written have been recorded by Jordan Feliz, Newsboys, We Are Messengers, JJ Heller, North Point Worship, Jason Gray, Jonny Diaz, Carrollton, Micah Tyler, Coby James, Joel Vaughn, Cade Thompson, Jimmy Needham, Michael English, and many others. In addition to writing CCM and worship, Ross crafts songs for the film/tv world. His songs have been heard on an NBC promo for the Today show, a SEC Football promo and a SmileDirectClub commercial.
Outside of primarily writing for others, Ross has recorded several independent albums of his own music throughout the years. In addition to all of that, Ross spends a decent amount of time teaching other songwriters and creatives how to grow in their confidence and in their craft.