Season 3 – Episode 4: John Clinebell – Go From Learning To Earning

This week I’m talking with John Clinebell of Sync It! Music and Licensing Basecamp which teaches artists and producers to get their songs and production up to standard for sync pitching. John has tons of sync placements including Fox, Disney/ABC, CBS, Starbucks and more. We are discussing the best ways to approach making music and pitching music in the sync world, plus what genres of music are being asked for currently in sync.

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In this episode we talk about:

*A music supervisor is tasked with the creative and legal aspects of putting music to picture in tv or film within the budget they are given to work with.
*Sync It Music and Licensing base camp teaching people to get the songs and production up to standard for pitching, providing encouragement and accountability and strategies for success with different workshops by bringing in experts in different areas and providing pitching opportunities as well.
*Sync It Music partners with different licensing agents so the clients can pitch their music and hopefully get signed by the agent for representation.
*Things to consider between exclusive and non-exclusive deals.
*If it’s confusing who reps your music, you can lose deals.
*Follow music supervisors on social media to see what they are posting about types of music they are pitching for.
*Genres needed for sync currently.
*Your music needs to be soulful in a fun way for ads.
*Most agencies want to support actual artists, not made up artists just for sync.
*Music that works great for sync, but also fits what you do as an artist is best.
*Create alt endings to your songs that ring out the the last chord instead of a sting ending.
*Control Camp is a great place to learn what is needed in licensing.
*Be polite to the people you want to work with.
*Ask for what you want but do it in a way that is respectful.
*Go through proper channels when pitching to supervisors.

John is originally from the mid west, was based in Los Angeles for 15 years, and moved to Nashville in 2022.

John has placements with Fox, Disney/ABC, CBS, BET, ESPN, MTV, Nick jr, Lifetime, Netflix, Hulu, Oxygen, USA networks, Facebook/Instagram corporate, Starbucks commercials, CBBC, Microsoft corporate, Ring training and promo videos, CBC’s q radio, Sky, Spotify playlists, in-store at major UK retailers and many other places. music repped by Sky, 411, Lyric House, So Stereo, Koze Music, Protunes, Think Music, Crucial, Atrium, Heavy Hitters, Song & Film, Imaginary Friends and other sync partners.John has pro studio locations in Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles (Koreatown).

He and production partner / manager Billy Lefler produce together under the name Bacon Shake.
John is the founder of make moves in music, a community for music entrepreneurs and also a podcast. also co-founder of sync it! music with Sonnet Simmons. They have an exclusive sync licensing education community called Licensing Basecamp where they give indie artists, songwriters and producers the encouragement, accountability and success strategies they need to start earning money licensing their music to tv, film and ads.

from 2019-2021 John served as director of music at catch the moon music, a music licensing education company founded by Cathy Heller. They mentored talented indie artists, songwriters and producers on how to go about getting their songs onto tv shows, films, ads, video games, in-store and into music production libraries. we also helped connect the dots between our students/alumni and decision makers in the industry.