Season 3 – Episode 5: Chris Clayton – The Nashville Bar

This week I’m talking with my friend, co-writer, co-producer and fellow worship pastor Chris Clayton. Chris is one of the top worship music producers in Nashville. His track record includes some of my favorite artists including Shane and Shane, Big Daddy Weave and Phillips, Craig and Dean and his songs have been featured in Lifeway, Word and Integrity Music. We are discussing the differences you will find as a producer starting out compared to the bar that Nashville sets for you to rise to and what it takes to hit that bar. Plus, we discuss the differences in recording a live album vs. a studio album and what the role of a producer should play in an artist’s life.

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In this episode we talk about:

*Song Capture Podcast –
*Do a great job so artists will spread the word about you.
*The Nashville Bar.
*Learn to track, edit and pocket a vocal the best you can.
*Training your ear to tune vocals properly.
*The big picture of production.
*Produce masters, not demos.
*Produce the demo so well, the label will want you to produce the album.
*Differences between recording a live album vs. a studio album.
*The Process of recording a live album.
*Capturing a moment from the audience.
*Costs of having a song produced.
*What true producers are looking for.
*The hardest part for producers working with artists.
*The biggest investment you can do for your music is bring in a producer.
*Artists: surround yourself with people better than you and find a producer who’s the right fit for you.
*As a producer: just start and just do.
*Serve the people you’re given.

You’d expect “music” to top the list of passions of an accomplished musician.
But not so with Chris Clayton. People and their stories are what inspire him.

Chris Clayton is an award-nominated Worship/CCM producer, songwriter and mix engineer. He has worked on projects with a variety of independent artists and churches as well as national artists like Big Daddy Weave, Phillips, Craig, and Dean, Shane and Shane, Christine D’Clario, Kristene DiMarco (Bethel Music) and Prestonwood Worship just to name a few. As a songwriter, his songs have been featured by many artists and organizations including Worship Leader Magazine, LifeWay Worship, Word Music and Integrity Music.  “Burn Bright,” co-written and produced by Clayton, and recorded by Will Walker, was nominated for the 2018 GMA Canada Covenant Award for Pop Song of the Year.
Clayton’s heart is for the Church and the artists he works with. Serving also as the worship pastor at Gateway Church in Franklin, Tennessee, he credits his grounding in the local church as one of the keys to his success. After all, it’s not just about the music.

“It’s about investing in the artist as a person,” he says. “It truly drives everything I do.” Those relationships shine through the music, creating a lyrical and musical landscape out of intimate conversations and trust.”

Chris resides in the Nashville, TN area with his beautiful and amazing wife Kara and their five awesome kids.